11 October 2009

The search for the perfect venue

Crystal clear blue wave lapping slowly against white sand. The red hot sun beaming down from above, creating a picturesque landscape – perfect for a wedding. No we are not making our nearest and dearest fork out for a trip to the islands! Instead we found our very own piece of paradise right on our doorstep – Cheltenham Beach in Devonport.

Prior to locating this venue we had both agreed that we wanted our big day to be a relaxed, casual affair, somewhere outside. Seen as flowers aren’t our thing and a church wedding as definitely out of the picture (it really would fall on Hs head!) I was decided a beach wedding was the go.

Our next dilemma was where to have this celebration. After doing a few drive-bys of various places, our tummies started to rumble so we stopped and ate lunch. It was a great feed and not a bad location … it had a few flowers BUT we could do flowers if need be. After making a few enquiries it was found that come lucky sole had already booked this place, but they gave us a name of a place with a similar menu AND we were in luck, it was on a beach!

McHughs is the name, so we drove over and checked it out.
- Casual setting
- Beach
- Proper sand
- Great location
- Fit us all in
- Elderly friendly
- AND great food
This place seems to have it all!

We spoke to the guy there and really made his year when we told him we were getting married – because we are two girls. We told him we wanted a Feb wedding and he grimaced, but consulted his trusty diary anyway. First Sat in Feb was Waitangi Day – national holiday so public surcharge. Second Saturday was the 13th, not a problem for us but guaranteed that my Nana would not come. Last Saturday was the 27th, and taken.

Our hearts began to sink, until he realised that Saturday the 20th Feb was in fact free, as the people had cancelled that weekend! It was like fate – the 20th is our anniversary (of May, but still!). The staff at McHughs then proceeded to tell us that there is a lovely little reserve just along the beach that we could use for our ceremony. We checked it out and instantly fell in love.

It really is a beautiful piece of paradise right on our doorstep. So on the 21st Feb 2009 we were able to settle our wedding date and book a truly AWESOME wedding venue! It was amazing to finally have a date and something to countdown to. And only 364 days to wait…

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