04 October 2009

Lets start at the very beginnning...

Otago University has a lot to answer for. Beer, rugby, pubs, mates, beer. All the stories about Dunedin are true. Our story starts here. From the dodgy corridors of Salmond Hall to be exact. Well thats not entirely true - to be fair we kinda didn't hit it off straight away. She was a little kid from Auckland (insert jafa jokes and cliches here) and I was fresh from Invercargill, my first major "Big Trip To The City". We couldn't have been more different, but opposites attract so they say.

After a bloody great year at Salmond in 2003 (oh the stories I could tell) it was time to venture out alone. I went flatting while Heid decided to stay at the hall for another year. This is when things got interesting!

Because our relationship is not normal and many people dont accept it, it is a bit harder for relationships between friends to happen. How do you know your friend wont reject you and be grossed out if you tell them you want to [explicit phrase removed]! These are the thoughts Heid was having before swallowing some liquid courage and taking the plunge!

Relief - was what I was feeling when she told me how she felt. I had felt that way towards her since the middle of first year!!

And from that day on (20 May 2004) we have truly been inseparable - like truly! Thanks to Heidi - imagine if she never said anything like I was going to!

How We Met

PS. written by S and blogged by H.

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  1. Congrats!

    I'd SO love to hear more goss on how you got together!