05 October 2009

The Proposal, Part 2

We approach Roxburgh, and keep on driving. Just a honk of the horn to acknowledge the whanau*. By now im thinking 'holy-moly where are we going'. My persistent nagging continues until poor Heid has to give in and tell me where we are going. Queenstown!

She also hands me some information about where we are staying as if pre-empting the next barrage of questions! Honestly im shocked - this far exceeds the dinky wee trips we have done in the past. The planning that has gone into this must have been colossal.

We reach our destination (fancy pants hotel) and do the usual. Dinner out is next on the cards then back to the hotel to pretend we are rich by drinking from the mini bar.

The next thing I know heid is handing me a large book with our photo on the front. She has made a scrap book of our first two years together. It blew me away... what a cool idea! Flicking through the pages I come to the final one which was a letter. Reading through the letter I had big tears in my eyes and turned to look at my girl on the floor. In her outstretched arms she held the ring (as well as tears roling down her face)


It was the most romantic, perfect, amazing weekend of my life. It has taken heid a good three years to get out of overdraft from it though!

I feel incredibly lucky to have this girl in my life and to be marrying my best friend. We compliment one another, her strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa. It has been (at times) a challenging five years because we aren't the 'norm' but thanks to family and friends we are embarking on our next challenge together. I love you babe.


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