05 October 2009

The Proposal

"Get in the car!"
"Get IN the car!"
"Where are we going?"
"Just trust me and hop in!"

There are two things you need to understand here: (1) if Heidi is talking with exclamation marks - you do as she says and (2) random car trips are not unusual - it is kinda our thing we do when we don't have other plans and want to be spontaneous and see where we end up.

Anyways... thinking we're heading to South Dunedin for a cheese roll im quite content with that BUT as we hop on the motorway I change my mind and realise we must be heading to Middlemarch (where another great memorable moment inadvertently transpired) But alas we keep on driving...

Wow, she must be taking me home to visit the olds... nope as we turn to head towards Central Otago. Okay, we are going to Roxburgh to visit the extended whanau... wow she really is so thoughtful! My next thoughts were about pajamas and a change of clothes - what would we do? Again she remarked with a huge smirk "trust me babe, its all under control!"

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